Symptomatic presents Joywride, The Mars Fortress, The Dirty Angels

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Wednesday 15th August @8pm
£7, adv £5

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With their soaring hooks and glam looks, Joywride are looking to redecorate the charts with a glamourous pop panache. You probably think
you are too young for nostalgia. Or you probably actually are. But whether you think photos of the Seventies and Eighties are only significant to older generations, or you were actually there, we bet when you look at them you think of the music. And remember when music was about having fun.

And being a member of a band was about putting on a performance. And the songs were as big as the hair. And the fans set themselves apart from the mundane.That’s the journey we are beginning. That’s the journey we invite you to go on with us now… to drive around in a stolen vehicle with no particular goal, a ride taken solely for pleasure… our Joywride.

£7 on door / £5 in advance

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